Service and Parking Areas for Motorhomes

The Cihuri Town Council welcomes tourists with motorhomes and caravans to the region and provides services that make their stay more enjoyable.

The camp site has a total of 40 parking spaces, for which you only need a mobile phone and a credit card to open the entry and exit gates. It is in the town centre, very close to the municipal swimming pool and the village tourist spots.

42.56778 / -2.92306
N 42º 34′ 04” / W 02º 55′ 23”

42.56778 / -2.92306
N 42º 34′ 04” / W 02º 55′ 23”

H39G+4Q8 Cihuri’04.0%22N+2%C2%B055’23.0%22W/@42.5676949,-2.9230215,439m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m4!3m3!8m2!3d42.567778!4d-2.923056?entry=ttu


Access the booking platform through this link or scan with your mobile phone the QR code that is at the entrance of camp site and follow the corresponding steps.

1.- SCAN with your MOBILE the QR and the page “Reserva en Autocaravanas de Cihuri” will be displayed with its calendar and availability for each DAY.

2.- Choose the DAYS you want to book in the camp site.

3.- Enter your details in the corresponding boxes, click “ACEPTO ” (I ACCEPT) and then “RESERVAR” (BOOK).

4.- The PAYMENT platform will appear; it will ask you for your CARD details to be able to PAY at a rate of 1 euro per DAY.

5.- Once the PAYMENT has been completed, the system will provide you with a CODE number, which you will have to enter on the gate KEYPAD and then the gate will OPEN.

6.- With this personal CODE, you will be able to EXIT and ENTER as many times as you want during the days you have BOOKED.

NOTE: In case of URGENT need, PROBLEMS or DIFFICULTIES to OPEN the GATES, please contact the provider, PVerde: +34 673692043 and for EMERGENCIES, send a message to +34 677827617 / +34 629867711 / Email:


Electrical supply (4 sockets) requires pre-payment via the coin meters. Exclusive use of 1-euro coins for each hour of consumption. To call us, use the following mobile number: +34 677827617.